The Billiards Room

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  • Located at Kearsney Abbey
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Dogs not permitted (except guide dogs) (see details)



Set in the beautiful surrounding of Kearsney Abbey the wood panelled Billiards Room is the only remaining part of the Country house which stood on the estate before being was demolished in 1950 due to extensive dry rot.

The history of the site can be traced back to the Norman Conquest when it was known as Castney Court and part of the Barony of Saye, whose men maintained and garrisoned the Saye Tower at Dover Castle. Although never a monastic estate, it takes its name from the impressive Gothic revival manor house built between 1820-1822 by local merchant and banker, John Minet Fector.  The Billiards Room was added in the 1870s by landowner Francis Lyon Barrington. 

As part of the lottery restoration a brand-new building was added to the existing structure to create Kearsney Café which opened in July 2021.

The Billiards Room is open daily as an lounge area for Kearsney Cafe and is available for Private Hire

Please note the Billiards Room is not open to the public during private events.

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