March/April Update 2023

Published Thursday 27 April 2023 in General category



General update 

The park is bursting into life with spring upon us, the bulbs that were planted in the grand border by the volunteers are flowering, the orchard is in blossom and the nesting season is well under way.

With the continual wet weather, both the lake in Bushy Ruff and the ornamental pond in Russell Gardens are full, and the river is flowing well through the Kearsney lakes.

The main car park in Kearsney Parks is open from 7am until 9pm and is locked overnight. There are additional disabled parking spaces in the parking area alongside the café - which has staff/disabled spaces, and is open from 8am-5.30pm.

The community day/Easter trail went well in April, with over 140 people taking part in the Easter trail, and the Dover District Council teams meeting and chatting to members of the public.

The café continues to be busy, serving light lunches and lovely home-made cakes. The kiosk will be open at weekends selling a whole range of treats, including drinks and ice creams.

The billiards room is now available to hire for private events, for more information, please see the Kearsney Parks website.

The Great British Spring Clean also went well in Kearsney Parks despite the weather. There was a good turnout to support the initiative, and a big thank you goes out to everyone who helped.


It is a busy time of the year in the park for the wildlife, and nesting season is well under way.

Please be aware of all the birds in the park as they begin their nesting season. There are at least two pairs of swans nesting in the parks and swans can get protective of their nests/mates. There have been some recent incidents with dogs chasing swans and swans getting agitated with dogs when they get too close to their nests/mates.

Please remember that even though dogs are allowed off the lead in some areas of the parks, they must always be under control and kept away from the breeding birds.

Volunteering at Kearsney Parks

Volunteer tasks continue in the parks on a weekly basis. We continue to carry out general maintenance in all three parks, including working on the grand border and orchard in Russell Gardens.

Thanks go out to all our wonderful volunteers, including those who helped out at the Easter event.

If you are interested in volunteering, and would like to be put on our database, please get in touch at 


There are always great opportunities for taking photos in the park, be it with a camera or on your phone.  

The picture above was taken by Andy Christian.

We are always happy to receive photos taken in the park, so please feel free to send any photos in and we will try to use them, not only in our publications, but also in the Kearsney Parks Calendar. Please send your photos to

Keep in touch 

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