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Resources for children

Our summer of activities in the parks may be on hold but we can still get creative!

Local author Fiona Beddow has come up with some handy tips on how to draw something or write a short poem that's been inspired by the parks.

She's also created a lovely colouring map of Kearsney Abbey and Russell Gardens which is free to download. This shows the nicknames people have for different parts of the parks. You can add your own nicknames too! 

It's all in the detail

Go for a walk in the park and find something interesting, unusual or beautiful to draw.  It might be something you see every day, or it might be something that you've never noticed before.  You can sit still and draw what you have chosen in the park - or you can take a photo of it, return home and draw it indoors. (Please note that, at this current time, we are recommending that people do not pick up plants and objects and take them home with them.)  Look closely at your object, and notice the detail close up before you start to draw.  Watch the video for drawing tips!

Park Poetry

This video shows how easy it is to get inspired by a visit to Kearsney Abbey or Russell Gardens! Fiona's video will help you choose just a few short words to create a poem that reflects your visit.


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