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Art in the Park

Dover District Council delivered Art in the Park – Kearsney Interpreted in partnership with Dover Arts Development. This was an Arts Council funded project under the umbrella of the wider Kearsney Parks project.

Art in the Park – Kearsney Interpreted allowed artists to respond to the landscape designs, ecology, social and industrial history of the parks. The project has helped to create a new cultural space for Dover and attract new audiences to the parks.

The project gave residencies to ten artists who all had a connection to Dover. They ranged from artists just starting out on their careers to international, established artists. 

Please note that some of the following videos contain flickering or rapidly moving images.

Katharine Beaugie created River Song, a music, performance and light exhibition that responded to the beautiful chalk stream that is the River Dour and the swans that glide down it.

Joseph Black’s sculpture, Other Waters, is a cast taken on the Goodwin Sands at low tide. It reflects how the River Dour is connected to the wider sea. The sculpture is on display in Kearsney Abbey cafe.

Drew Burrett worked with Whitfield Aspen School and Whitfield Guides to take photographs and has created a Kearsney Film.

Lisa Derand took photos of park users and asked them what the parks meant to them. These pictures and quotes were on display in Kearsney Abbey through the Easter holidays in 2019.

Jamie Jenkinson led video walk shops, showing what incredible images can be videoed on a smartphone. Four animations were produced as a result; Chalk Stream, Bridge, Umbrella and a group videoPlease note that there are a large number of flashing and flickering images in these videos.  

Phil Saunders worked with pupils from Guston school to create an animation called Nature’s Guardian. The children collected leaves, twigs and other items from around the park as well as creating images that were used in his animation.

Clare Smith has created a video, Watercress and Daffodils. This explores the parallels between Russell Gardens as it undergoes its restoration work and a personal story connected to Kearsney Court.

Gabor Stark used his residency to create Meanderings. He placed the sculpture MEANDER (Spiegel im Spiegel im Spiegel) in one of the open sections of culvert that meanders through the park. The Leon String Quartet performed around the installation. Gabor has written a blog about his involvement in the project.

Meander_Gabor Stark (002)

Alma Tischlerwood has created Alice, the wooden sculpture and performance space on the south side of the lake in Kearsney Abbey. It’s been made out of some of the trees that were cleared from Russell Gardens. It was built by Rob Hedley-Dray with the help of volunteers. It’s the perfect place to sit and enjoy the views. The launch of Alice was filmed by Benjamin Hunt.

Louise Webb spent time in the park during August 2018 to find out people’s memories of the park and created a video, Stretches of earth shared, exchanged and collected, as a result.

You can find out more about the artists and all the work at www.dadonline.eu/projects/art-in-the-park-kearsney-interpreted/

Local authorities and artists working together

As part of the Art in the Park - Kearsney Interpreted project we have produced two factsheets to help local authorities and artists work together. These are How to work with artists - a guide for local authorities  and How to work with local authorities - a guide for artists.

The Park Bench project

As part of Art in the Park – Kearsney Interpreted, 58 artists, musicians and poets from the local area took part in the Park Bench project. Each person created an artwork while sitting on a bench in Kearsney Abbey or Russell Gardens.

The works were brought together into a video with an original soundtrack Park Bench, a DAD production, along with poetry and written word contributions. 

You can read below the poems written by the poets. The Soundlines poets also recorded their works.

Trevor Breedon, Grounds for Pleasure and an audio version is available

Paul Dagys, Secret Places 

Nicola Dunsbee, In this park I have 

Jo Field, Directions to the Life-Preserver and an audio version is available

John Fuller, The Abbey 

Chevonne Lane, Alone in the woods 

Jeffrey Loffman, Watercress in Kearsney  and an audio version is available

Robert Marsh, Kearsney  and an audio version is available, read by Gary Studley Combined

Gary Studley, A Pause and an audio version is available

Anna Marya Trompa, Words in a dry season 

Gavin Wright, Kearsney Abbey 

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