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Spring morning bird walk

In April 2018 and May 2019, to celebrate International Dawn Chorus Day, we took early morning walks in Kearsney Abbey with bird expert Paul Holt from the White Cliffs Countryside Partnership. We saw and/or heard dozens of species of birds!

Species seen or heard in the park

Blackbird, blackcap, blue tit, buzzard, chaffinch, chiffchaff, coal tit, coot, carrion crow, dunnock, goldcrest, goldfinch, greater spotted woodpecker, great tit, greenfinch, grey heron, grey wagtail, herring gull, house martin, jackdaw, kestrel, long-tailed tit, mallard, mistle thrush, moorhen, mute swan, nuthatch, pied wagtail, robin, song thrush, sparrow, starling, stock dove, swallow, swift, treecreeper, wood pigeon, wren.

What bird can you hear?

The following will help you to identify some of the birds you’re likely to hear in the parks.

Blackbird a beautiful rich rounded song.

Blackcap classic rich noted warbling song.

Chaffinch singing sounds like a bowler running to the crease ‘Cheap cheap sherry sherry  ooh eeh aaah’.

Chiffchaff they sing their name.

Coal tit call is a rapid repeated ‘Siri siri siri’ too fast to whistle.

Collared dove not seen on the bird walk but for reference their call is ‘United united’.

Coot they call out their name ‘Coot  coot’.

Dunnock burbling sound

Goldcrest high pitched rising scale ‘Didleee didleee didleee didleee didleee’ song.

Greater spotted woodpecker call is like a giant hiccup ‘Yik yik’ will also drum on dead wood.

Great tit they sing ‘Teacher teacher teacher’ and it’s possible to whistle the song.

Goldfinch twittering like song flight call a distinct ‘Blip blip’.

Greenfinch they have a nasal descending ‘Naaaaaagh’ call.

Herring gull top tip - listen out for them alarming and making lots of noise as they often react to large birds of prey such as buzzards.

House martin they have distinct white rumps and a wet sounding ‘Prrrrt prrrt’ call.

Jackdaw a small crow-like bird with rapid wing beat that calls out its name ‘Jack jack jack’.

Long-tailed tit a distinct wet sounding call ‘Brrrrt brrrt’ but coming from bushes not the sky above as with a house martin.

Mistle thrush white underwing when they fly and a distinct rattling call. 

Moorhen their call sounds like an old style telephone ‘Brrrrrp’.

Nuthatch they have a lovely ‘Dui dui dui dui dui’ call.

Robin distinct melancholy toned song.

Song thrush song is often a repeated 3 phrases ‘Did he do it? Did he do it? Did he do it? No no no’.

Stockdove rapid flight, black outline around wing, distinct ‘Ooooh  Ooooh Ooooh’ call.

Wood pigeon white neck patch and bar on each wing, their distinct song is ‘I doo hate football I doo hate football’.

Wren a very explosive trilling song.








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