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You can hire our rucksacks for free!


The rucksacks contain equipment you can use for your lessons, such as compasses, measuring wheels and fishing nets.

There are fifteen grey, fifteen blue and fifteen red rucksacks for pupils and a large black rucksack for teachers. Each resource sheet specifies which rucksacks you will need and the equipment needed for that activity.

  • To book out the rucksacks, please email

  • Please state the date and times that you would like to use the rucksacks. We advise that you let us know as far in advance as you can, to maximise your chances of the rucksacks being available when you wish to use them.

  • Please state how many of each colour rucksack you would like.
  • We will then arrange for you to pick up the rucksacks in the park.

When you return the rucksacks, can you please ensure that all the equipment and resources are returned to the right rucksacks so that they are ready for the next school to use.

We'd be grateful if you could let us know about any breakages or missing items so that we can get the rucksacks ready for future groups!

The 'billiard room' referred to in the resources is the old café in Kearsney Abbey. This will reopen later in 2019.

Teacher's rucksack

The teacher's rucksack is a large, black rucksack. It contains the following items:

Pupils' rucksacks

There are fifteen grey, fifteen blue and fifteen red rucksacks. Each rucksack is designed to be shared by two children.

Each teaching resource lists the rucksacks that are needed for that activity.

Grey rucksackGrey rucksacks

The pupils' grey rucksacks will be needed for every activity. They contain the following items:

  • Two clipboards
  • Two waterproof sitting mats
  • One stopwatch

Laminated copies of the following resource sheets are also in the rucksack:

Blue rucksackBlue rucksacks

The pupils' blue rucksacks contain the following items:

  • One pair of binoculars
  • One magnifying insect viewer
  • One fishing/butterfly net
  • Four tent pegs
  • One rubber mallet
  • One length of string
  • One tape measure
  • One magnifying glass

They will be needed for Colourful Geometry, Plant Seekers, Life Cycles.

Red rucksackRed rucksacks

The pupils' red rucksacks contain the following items:

  • One pair of binoculars
  • One compass
  • One ruler
  • One distance measuring wheel
  • One pedometer
  • One thermometer
  • One windsock

They will be needed for Map Makers, Trail Finders and Weather Forecasters.

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