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Project Update May 2020

If you’re heading out to Kearsney Abbey or Russell Gardens, or any other outdoors space, please do follow the latest government guidelines on social distancing. You can find the latest advice at www.gov.uk/coronavirus

Works update

The car park at Kearsney Abbey has been re-opened. We will be closely monitoring how it is used. 

Please think about cycling or walking to the parks. If you drive, please think about the nearby residents. Please park considerately, and do not block emergency access routes. Thank you.

Please note that there are currently no toilet facilities in Kearsney Abbey. This is in line with a District-wide policy to keep public conveniences closed at the current time, due to difficulties of cleaning after each individual use. There is also no café on site at present.

Work in the parks is continuing, in line with government guidelines. The pathway and steps are under construction to the side of the café in Kearsney Abbey. This will allow deliveries to be made, away from the parking area. The paving to the front of the terrace is on site and will be laid shortly.

Next week, our contractors will start work in Kearsney Abbey to uncover more of the river along the south side of the lake. The aim is to make the river bed more suitable for the brown trout in the river to spawn. Plants will also be planted along the edges of the exposed sections to improve the habitat for wildlife.

In Russell Gardens, preparation work for the orchard tree pits is complete. The fruit trees will be planted this autumn. The banks by the canal pond, and below the old kitchen garden wall, have been seeded with grass.  


We’re looking at ways that we can deliver some of our activities online or make them available for downloading. We’ll have more information about this shortly! Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter to see what’s happening.

Keep in touch

If you have any comments or questions, please email us on kearsney.parks@dover.gov.uk or follow us on Twitter @Kearsneyparks

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