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Project Update June 2020

If you’re heading out to Kearsney Abbey or Russell Gardens, or any other outdoor space, please do follow the latest government guidelines on social distancing. You can find the latest advice at www.gov.uk/coronavirus

Facilities in Kearsney Abbey

Can we remind everyone that the café, toilets and play area in Kearsney Abbey are all closed at the moment. Please note there are no temporary facilities on site during the development works.

Please do not leave litter or any other waste in the park and please be respectful of the parks’ neighbours.

Please think about cycling or walking to the parks. If you drive, please think about the nearby residents. Please park considerately, and do not block emergency access routes. Thank you.

Works update

Work in the parks is continuing, in line with government guidelines.

In Kearsney Abbey, the terracing is being laid in front of the café. Our contractors have been surveying the area at the end of the boating lake, ahead of the new bridge being installed. The bridge will create a circular walkway around the lake, which was part of Kearsney Abbey’s 19th century design.

We’ve uncovered more of the river on the south side of the lake, to improve the river habitat for brown trout. Plants will be planted along the banksides, and some areas of the river remain covered, to provide shelter for the fish.

In Russell Gardens, the sub-bases and edgings for the new pathways have been laid.

A yew hedge is being planted as part of the restoration of Thomas Mawson’s original garden design. Yew hedges were a classic feature of Edwardian gardens. A grand border of dozens of species including cosmos, crocosmia, hibiscus, lobelia, penstemon, and salvia will be planted inside the hedged area.

Get creative with your children this summer!

Our summer of activities in the park may be on hold but we can still get creative!

Local author Fiona Beddow has come up with some handy tips for children to draw something or write a short poem, inspired by our beautiful parks. Watch her short videos at www.kearsneyparks.co.uk/children to get some ideas!

We’d love to see your drawings and poems. Send your work either to kearsney.parks@dover.gov.uk or tweet it to @KearsneyParks 

Fiona has also made a lovely colouring map of Kearsney Abbey and Russell Gardens. This shows the nicknames people have for different parts of the parks. You can add your own nicknames too! It’s free to download at www.kearsneyparks.co.uk/children


We’re missing all our volunteers and we’re sorry that we can’t carry out tasks at the current time. We’ll be in touch as soon as the situation changes. If you’d like to volunteer in the future, please email kearsney.parks@dover.gov.uk

This month’s photograph

This month’s photograph is of a flower on the tulip tree in Kearsney Abbey. If you have a photo of the parks that you’d like to share, or to be considered for inclusion in next year’s calendar, please email kearsney.parks@dover.gov.uk

Keep in touch

If you have any comments or questions, please email us on kearsney.parks@dover.gov.uk or follow us on Twitter @Kearsneyparks

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