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Project Update August 2015

I hope you’ve been enjoying the summery weather in the parks recently.

There are a few things which we thought you might be interested in helping with over the next few weeks and months.

We need to do some more observational surveys to better understand our current park users and help our funders understand the project. We would really appreciate some help on Saturday 22 or Sunday 23 August, just for an hour on either day, recording and counting the people you see.

We have also secured some funding to put on a community music event next summer. The event needs to promote interaction between the local military and civilian communities and we are provisionally thinking that we could ask a military band to play in the park. We would really appreciate some help in organising the event and are planning to meet up to starting thinking about the day at 6pm on Monday 24 August at a local venue.

If you are interested in helping with either the observation surveys or organising the event then please get in touch.

Thanks for your on-going support,


. Keep-me-posted.