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John Minet Fector (1754-1821)


Kearsney Abbey was built as a grand county house and estate by John Minet Fector (1754-1821), one of Dover's wealthiest businessmen.

In 1814 John Minet Fector assumed control of the family's private banking business, Fector & Co. which can trace its origins back to the merchant and shipping businesses of his uncle, Isaac Minet, a French Huguenot who arrived in Dover from Calais in 1685.

Following the Napeleonic Wars, John Minet Fector decided to build a new country house and estate to be called Kearsney Abbey. Unfortunately he died in 1821 before Kearsney Abbey had been completed, but it remained a family residence until 1844.

Fector & Co. went on to play a major role in the development of high street banking as we know it today. In 1842 the company was sold to the National Provincial Bank which went on to become the National Westminster Bank (NatWest). 

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