Edward Percy Barlow
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Edward Percy Barlow (1855-1912)

Edward Barlow (1855-1912) was the Chairman of Wiggins Teape, the paper making business based at the Buckland Mill in Dover. Under Barlow's chairmanship, Wiggins Teape became one of the leading manufacturers of quality papers, including the renowned Conqueror brand which first rolled off the presses at Dover in 1880. Wiggins Teape remained a major employer in Dover until the closure of the Buckland Mill in 2000.

Edward Barlow purchased the Kearnsey Court house and estate (now Russell Gardens) in 1900 following the death of its former owner, Alfred Leney, another prominent local businessman and owner of the Phoenix Brewery. Barlow commissioned the renowned Edwardian landscape architect, Thomas Mawson, to design the gardens.

Edward Barlow's wife, Alice Barlow (1860-1930), was also prominent in the local community as President of the Dover Women's Suffrage Society.

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